Forward Thinking

Since April 2007, the Building Research Establishment Code for Sustainable Homes has replaced the EcoHomes assessment for new housing in England. For several years, Bell Partnerships has already been actively developing and applying Modern Methods of Construction across all six new mandatory performance metrics – efficiency of Energy/CO2 and water, management of surface water, site waste and household waste and use of materials. Timber frame construction, off-site fabrication, structurally insulated panels, grey water recycling, use of recycled materials
– these are just some of the sustainable measures we are proud to have already integrated into many housing developments for our forward-thinking clients.

We are also proud of provisions made during construction to account for local wildlife. We ensure ecological surveys are conducted and arrangements are made for wildlife such as Pipistrel Bats and Barnowls, so that they may continue to nest on the developments. We have also catered for newts and Slow Worms on our developments, highlighting just some of the measures we are taking towards a more sustainable and ecological future.

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